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Moheb group company is a private joint stock company which the head founders of it are Mr mostafa hajhosseini ,mr morteza hajhosseini ,mr mojtaba hajhosseini and mr mohammad hajhosseini.

The board of directors of the private joint stock of moheb group company is made up of 4 people who take efforts for such petrochemical units as


2) ravangard garmsar

3)bakalit resins of moheb

4) moheb doin (baspar)

To reach to the sphere of production.

In this place the members of the board of directors follow their activities in production, marketing and exporting the products of these petrochemical units.

The email adresses :

1) mr mostafa hajhosseini the chairman of the board of ravangard garmsar

Email add : mostafa@mohebgroup..com

2) mr morteza hajhosseini the chairman of the board of moheb

Email add : morteza@mohebgroup.com

3) mojtaba@mohebgroup.com


The email address of the internal sales department :

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Tehran

Helisaiee street, number64, tehran, Iran. po:1654969811
Tel: +98 21 7733 68 66, +98 21 7733 68 67
Tel/Fax:+98 21 7733 73 35
Web: www.mohebgroup.com

Our Team


Mostafa Hajhoseini

Email: mostafa@mohebgroup.com


Morteza Hajhoseini

Email: morteza@mohebgroup.com


Mojtaba Hajhoseini

Email: mojtaba@mohebgroup.com


Mohammad Hajhoseini

Email: m.hajhosseini@mohebgroup.com


Our Team