Dibutyl Phthalate (D.B.P)

Product Specification Dibutyl Phthalate (D.B.P)
Apearance Water white clear liquid
Color 30
Volatie Loss (130 C For 3 Hrs. % by mass) 0.1(110 C for 2 Hrs.)
Acidity % (as acid by mass, MAX) 0.01
Acid after heat trbatment (180 C for 2 Hrs.) 0.03
Heat stabiliyat 180 C for 2 Hrs.) No Change in color
Specific Gravity at 27 C 1.04 ± 0.001
Refra CTTVE index at 27 C 1.4885 ± 0.0005
Ester Value (MG KOH/GM) 392 ± 2
Ester content % by weight min 99.5
Moisture % by mass 0.1
D.B.P(DI Butyl phthalate)

Di-n-butylphtahalat ,or DBP is produced by the reaction of n-butanol with phthalic anhydride

It is soluble in various organic solvents, e.g. in alcohol, ether and benzene. DBP is also used as an ectoparasiticide.

1)Paint and printing inks


Formula: C16H22O4

paking:bulk/200KG steel drum

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